Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Back to having some fun!

Now that the voting formalities are over.... let's "get back in time" again!
I was flipping throught the channels and came across the 1998 remake of Psycho... it was the scene where she is wearing the print dress, below... I really love both these dresses and would love to add these to my list of patterns to make... does anybody have any ideas of what pattern these would come close to???  Or am I going to have to try to create them from scratch??

I wish I could find better pictures! I searched the internet thoroughly trying to find better pics....


  1. For the pink one try Butterick 4386

    With some modifications I think McCalls 4769 would work for the other dress. Make the collar a little larger and shorten the skirt.

    These aren't vintage patterns but todays. If you have a Joanne's near you can wait for their $.99 sale or $1.99 sale.

  2. Thank you Eleen! It would have taken me forever to look through every pattern.... LOL