Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Progress Report....

Well, I soon "fell off my wagon" and gained that 4 lbs back but I am happy to report that I lost it again plus 2 more! That is a total of 6 lbs so far...only 44 lbs more...

My Mother sent me some pictures. I was probably 14 and I remember that I used to think I was so fat... I really needed my head examined because I can't believe how skinny I was back then!!  It would be so nice if I could be like that again (size 7) but I know that due to maturity & age, it is physically impossible (even with surgery! lol).
(l to r)My sisters, Angie, Regina; brothers, Richard, Billy; my Father, James standing behind us and me on the far right...

(l to r) daughters, Melody, Layla; my Father, Jim; in the back, my son, Eric my Mother, Pat and I am on the far right...  seems to be my spot! LOL

As you probably know ( and I have the pictures to prove it!), with age comes thicker bodies! LOL

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  1. How come I never knew about this other sister and these brothers? Besides Regina, I only remember Lori.